The Bhoomitra, Environment Management Agency, Government of Kerala

The Bhoomithrasena has been launched by the government to encourage activities focusing on environment protection at the college level. Global warming is a result of mankind’s skewed approached to development. It is important to protect the natural environment while taking up development activities. The tree planting campaign in Kerala is our response to a global crisis. By protecting trees, we ensure the survival of mankind. Under the State Plan Scheme 2009-10, Environmental Awareness and Education, a new scheme entitled Bhoomithrasena, has been contemplated for the college of the state for strengthening the commitments of students towards environment of Kerala has selected Snehacahrya Institute Of Management & Technology, Karuvatta for the formation of club in the campus wide G.O No.EMAMK/300/2009 by allotting code no. BMC- 091/ ALP/ 10/ 10.

Bhoomitra Club Sena
Sl.No Particulars Name
1Teacher Co-ordinatorMrs. Sajitha S R
2Student Co-ordinatorMiss. Jincy Rajan